Prayer meetings
Relying on God in all we do
Prayer is a healthy and natural expression of our dependence on the grace of our heavenly Father in all that we do.

We try to set aside time regularly in the life of St Peter's that is devoted to prayer.  We do this for a number of reasons:

  • to express our reliance upon God, 
  • to help one another in the discipline and priority of praying,  
  • to seek God's glory in all that we do as a church
  • to learn to pray from one another (a key way we learn to pray is praying with others).
imageOnce a month we have a prayer meeting for the whole church on the 16th - 'PRAY 16' - so there is no excuse for forgetting!

These usually take the form of a prayer supper - but depending on the day of the week we sometimes do brunch or breakfast, and once or twice a year we commit a 'half night to prayer'.  We occasionally meet on Zoom too.